Basic Approach and Policy

The Chugai Group considers environmental protection and occupational health and safety to be key activities that underpin the realization of its mission to benefit the medical community and human health around the world.

For a pharmaceutical company, which conducts many specialized scientific activities, environmental protection is closely linked with health and safety, requiring integrated EHS (environment, health and safety) management worldwide.

Under these circumstances, the Chugai Group has established an integrated management system for environmental protection, health and safety through research in areas including advanced case studies of companies outside Japan. In addition to introducing this system, we set basic regulations and go through the PDCA cycle at each facility with the aim of achieving sustainable growth.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

The Policy on Environment, Health, and Safety (“Policy”) intends to establish basic principles concerning Environment, Health, and Safety (“EHS”) of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its domestic and overseas subsidiaries (“Chugai Group”). The Policy also ensures that Chugai Group will conduct corporate activities that conserves the environment, and protects the health and safety of employees.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

The directors, officers and employees of any company in the Chugai Group (“We”) shall comply with applicable national and foreign laws and regulations, international arrangements, and voluntary standards pertaining to EHS activities*.

Promotion of EHS activities

Under the EHS management system, we shall take initiative in promoting EHS activities on an ongoing basis.

Provision of education and training

Each company of the Chugai Group will provide education and training on an ongoing basis to enhance the employees’ knowledge and deepen their understanding of environmental conservation and health and safety.

Disclosure of information

Each company of the Chugai Group shall disclose information relating to EHS activities proactively, and make efforts to communicate with local communities.

  • *The term “EHS activities” means: (a) initiatives to, for example, protect climate change, reduce resources and waste, prevent pollution, and maintain biodiversity throughout the entire process of medicinal products (i.e. from R&D to manufacturing, transportation, marketing and sales, and disposal); and (b) initiatives to, among other things, secure occupational safety which takes precedence over any other activities, maintain and improve the health of employees, and establish comfortable working environment.

(Effective January 1, 2017)

Basic Approach to Environmental Protection Activities

At Chugai, we conduct activities to minimize our impact on the environment in accordance with environmental laws and regulations, with the aim of contributing to the protection of the global environment as set forth in the Chugai Group Code of Conduct, and based on our Environment, Health and Safety Policy.

We consider it important that these activities not only deal with environmental laws and important social issues, but also fulfill our social responsibilities based on issues unique to the Chugai group, such as our handling of antibodies and highly pharmacologically active substances.

Basic approach to health and safety activities

Recognizing that the health of its employees is a valuable asset, since 2016 the Chugai Group has been moving forward with a review of health and productivity management.

Now that the direction of that initiative has been determined, we have issued the Chugai Group Health Declaration, which outlines our commitment to implementing efforts that will contribute even further to our employees’ well-being.

Chugai Group Declaration on Health

As a healthcare company, the Chugai Group recognizes the importance of employee health, and has worked to maintain and promote health.
The Chugai Group, as a top pharmaceutical company, will further improve productivity, pursue innovation and aim to enhance corporate value from the viewpoints of “economic performance,” “social awareness” and “human development.” We believe that it is essential to realize an active and sound organizational culture where employees, who are the main driving force, can work positively in good physical and mental health.
We hereby declare that we will work to maintain and promote employees' “individual health” as well as “organizational health” in the Chugai Group to realize health and productivity management.

December 1, 2017
Representative Director and Deputy Chairman
Motoo Ueno

Chugai Group Declaration on Health [PDF 55KB]

  • *Economic performance, social awareness and human development represent, respectively, working toward profit growth and achieving lasting development; continuing to respond to the needs of society as a pharmaceutical company; and creating an environment in which employees can find work rewarding and continue to enhance their capabilities. Chugai has long sought to pursue these three elements in the belief that balancing them on a high level will lead to enhanced corporate value and sustained growth.

In accordance with the objectives and policies below, we will work to promote the health and safety of both the individual and the organization, and to maintain and enhance well-being.

The company works to maintain and promote employee health, so that physically and mentally healthy employees can work vigorously in a vibrant and sound organizational culture.

・The Chugai Group pursues both “individual health” and “organizational health” in a parallel way.
・Chugai Group companies, Labor unions, and Chugai Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Society promote the activities jointly and cooperatively.

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Environmental Protection, Safety and Health

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