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Education, Communication and Environmental Accounting

Chugai conducts systematic environmental education and training.

Internal Environmental and Safety Audits

In 2015, Chugai did not conduct internal environmental and safety audits due to the restructuring of environmental, safety and health management systems.

Environmental Education

Internal auditor training
at Fujieda plant

Because of the enormous number of changes in the 2015 revisions to the ISO14001 standard, considerable effort will be required to bring Environmental Management Systems (EMS) into compliance. At the same time, internationally, this standard is considered the minimum requirement for an EMS.
The Chugai Group believes that the findings and advice of internal environmental auditors with global knowledge and perspective can be useful in modifying and subsequently managing the use of our EMS, and we are focused on developing internal auditors with global-level capabilities.
In 2014, we entered into an Organization Employing Auditors (OEA) agreement with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA; England). Under that agreement, 19 internal environmental auditor candidates were certified by the IRCA, and they will not only take the lead in ensuring smooth modification of our EMS, but also to contribute to environmental management aims.

Environmental Accounting

Environmental accounting data compiled in 2015 are shown below. Investments in 2015 totaled ¥540 million, while costs were ¥1,378 million. Major investments included heat source equipment. The economic benefit was ¥54 million.

2015 Investments and Costs for Environmental Protection

(Millions of yen)

Breakdown of costs Investments Costs
(1) Business area costs 524 1,041
(1)-1 Pollution prevention costs 400 570
(1)-2 Global environmental protection costs 98 298
(1)-3 Resource recycling costs 26 173
(2) Upstream and downstream costs 44
(3) Administration costs 16 279
(4) R&D costs 2
(5) Social activity costs 10
(6) Environmental remediation costs 3
Total 540 1,378
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