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Initiatives to Promote the Success of Diverse Employees

Equal Opportunity and Fairness in Recruiting

Based on its equal opportunity policy, Chugai treats and compensates its employees equally regardless of gender, age, nationality or disability. In accordance with this policy, we actively seek persons with disabilities and non-Japanese when hiring new university graduates and mid-career professionals. As of December 31, 2015, the ratio of employees with disabilities in the Company was 2.02%.
Moreover, we maintain fair and impartial hiring practices by using a diverse team of interviewers to evaluate candidates’ abilities, skills and experience.

Development Systems to Bring Out the Full Potential of Diverse Employees

Chugai has introduced a talent management system to discover and put to use the talents of diverse employees, regardless of gender, age, nationality and other attributes. We assess employees on objective criteria and assign and develop them systematically to bring out their full potential.

Promoting the Active Role of Women

To broaden discussion in a variety of situations, Chugai is working to develop female leaders. To promote the success of female employees, we have doubled the targeted increase in female managers from 29 in 2010 to 62 as of the end of 2015. In addition to forums held in all divisions to encourage women to think about their careers and ways of working, we have held meetings with female leaders to exchange opinions and think more deeply about women’s careers and diversity from a global perspective, sent employees to external training, and provided a variety of other opportunities to learn about diverse careers. In 2014, we introduced a female leader program as a way of developing female leaders who can play a role in upper management.

  • Forum for women (2012)

  • Exchanging opinions with external director (2013)

Female leader program

In 2014, we began offering a female leader program targeting female managers and other women in equivalent management positions, as an opportunity for participants to learn the decision-making perspective of general managers and others in upper management. Through dialog and other interaction with management and female general managers, female employees have the opportunity to think about their vision for those positions and the direction of their own careers.

  • Dialog with the president

Support for female MRs

We support the success of individuals by supporting a balance between child rearing and work, and offering forums and study sessions at our branches where female employees can think about their careers.

Feature Page

  • CHARM Forum attended by 300 female MRs from all branches (2010)

  • Happy Career Cafe (2015)

Developing Globally Active Personnel

Through a personnel exchange program with Roche, we provide opportunities to foster diverse perspectives from an early stage and prepare employees to actively participate in global business.

<Employees Dispatched to the Roche Personnel Exchange Program>

Cumulative number of employees dispatched
(from 2004 onwards)

Promoting the Active Role of Seniors

Chugai is working on awareness efforts such as career training, as well as initiatives to enable seniors to fully utilize their talents, including putting in place an environment making it possible to work until age 65, and establishing opportunities for senior workers to fulfill their roles in the organization.

Nurturing a workplace culture

Chugai conveys its views on diversity to all employees through distribution of a guidebook for promoting communication in the workplace and through our mail magazine. In addition, we provide training opportunities to managers and division promotion team members to foster a workplace culture in which diverse employees can thrive.

  • Diversity

  • Diversity training for division diversity
    promotion team members

  • Diversity management training for managers (2014)
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