Initiatives to Promote the Success of Diverse Employees

We are stepping up efforts to augment our human capital to become a top Japanese pharmaceutical company.

Equal Opportunity and Fairness in Recruiting

Based on its equal opportunity policy, Chugai treats and compensates its employees equally regardless of gender, age, nationality or disability. In accordance with this policy, we actively seek persons with disabilities and non-Japanese when hiring new university graduates and mid-career professionals. As of December 2017, the ratio of employees with disabilities in the Company was 2.17%.
Moreover, we maintain fair and impartial hiring practices by using a diverse team of interviewers to evaluate candidates’ abilities, skills and experience.

Development Systems to Bring Out the Full Potential of Diverse Employees

Chugai has introduced a talent management system to discover and put to use the talents of diverse employees, regardless of gender, age, nationality and other attributes. We assess employees on objective criteria and assign and develop them systematically to bring out their full potential. To cultivate a diverse perspective from an early stage, we are also working to develop employees capable of succeeding at a global level through our Human Resource Exchange Program with Roche.

〈Employees on assignment by the Roche-Chugai Personnel Exchange Program〉

  2015 2016 2017
Cumulative number of assignees (from 2004 onwards) 125 155 164

Promoting the Active Role of Women

To broaden discussion in a variety of situations, Chugai is working to develop female leaders. As a part of this initiative, we set a target of doubling the number of female managers in five years, and achieved the goal in 2015.
Currently, our target is to have women represent 13% of all managers by 2018, and we will continue working to turn out female managers by introducing a female leadership program, and by developing managerial candidates and expanding the ranks of next-generation leaders.
In addition, since the child birth and child rearing years are also an important period in terms of career development of individuals, since 2016 we have been holding seminars when returning to work after such life events, with the goal of offering an opportunity to think about careers from a mid-term perspective. In 2017, male employees attended the seminars as well, resulting in a multifaceted exchange of views.

Return-to-work seminar

Female leader program

In 2014, we began offering a female leader program targeting female managers and, as an opportunity for participants to learn, such as the perspectives of general managers in upper management level and the decision-making. Through dialogues and other interactions with senior management and female department managers, participants have the opportunity to think about their vision of being a department manager and the direction of their own careers.
From 2016, we began a program for female employees preparing for managerial roles, building awareness among those candidates for the continuous turn out of female managers.

Dialogue with the president

Promoting the Success of Non-Japanese Employees

Along with increasing the number of non-Japanese employees domestically, Chugai is striving to create an environment for us to working in cooperation by providing internal information also in English, suppporting an informal discussion group to promote multicultural understanding, conducting training for managers with non-Japanese employees under their supervision, and through other efforts.

I.D.E.A. Forum (an informal discussion group for promoting multicultural understanding)

Promoting the Active Role of Seniors

We are building awareness of career training and putting in place programs to enable employees to continue working to age 65, and by establishing opportunities for employees to play important roles, we are working to encourage every employee to make the most of their abilities.
In 2016, a Senior Task Force was set up consisting of employees selected from each division, charged with coordinating issues and formulating specific measures for promoting the success of senior employees.
Based on a proposal from our Senior Task Force, in 2017 we began introducing awareness training designed to support those taking on new challenges from age 60.

Senior Task Force Activities (2016)

Nurturing a workplace culture

To nurture a workplace culture in which diverse employees can be successful, Chugai is working to familiarize its employees with its approach to diversity and inclusion, efforts which include e-Learning for all employees; distribution of educational guidebooks and email magazines; and conducting diversity management training for managers and divisional personnel in charge of promoting diversity.
We have established a Diversity Week in November of each year, providing information and offering opportunities to participate in a diverse range of experiences. For Diversity Week 2017, we held hands-on events focused on practicing inclusion. Concepts included offering opportunities to realize what is normally invisible and how to nurture a willingness to take on challenges.

Diversity Communication Guidebook

Diversity Week
LGBT evening seminar

Diversity training for division diversity
promotion team members

Diversity management training, 2014

Training in communicating with diverse employees, 2017

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Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

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