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Diversity and Inclusion Promotion System

A management working team headed by Chugai’s president was assembled and began activities in 2010 to promote gender diversity, the most familiar type of diversity. In 2012, we established the Diversity Office to strengthen these efforts and implement them in a broad sense including gender. This office continues to carry out initiatives in conjunction with the activities of division diversity promotion teams.

Gender Diversity Management Working Team (2010-2011)

Female executives selected from each division conducted awareness surveys on gender and identified and analyzed issues. In 2011, they submitted a report to management, and the contents of that report became the foundation for the start of diversity promotion initiatives throughout the Company. Based on those responses, a target was set for increasing the number of female managers to 60 for the year 2015 (double the number in 2010), as part of the effort to promote the activity of women in business.

Divisional Diversity Promotion Team Activities

Members work to plan and implement diversity and inclusion promotion measures geared to the issues and personnel situation in each division. These teams have conducted a variety of activities, including forums, lunchtime gatherings and talks on balancing work and childcare, women’s careers and other topics. As these initiatives are closely linked to each workplace, employee interest in diversity and inclusion has increased, and activities have become more flexible and dynamic. In preparing to promote diversity and inclusion in each division, meetings are held that are attended by those in charge of such activities at the division level, where they work to share understanding and information about policies and specific measures.

  • Conference of Those in Charge of Promotion

Chugai Diversity Promotion Forum

Since 2013, Chugai has held the Chugai Diversity Promotion Forum to share and accelerate initiatives that promote diversity in each division. Participants include executive officers, division general managers, unit heads and other members in charge of diversity promotion from each division.

Initially, each division’s activities related to women, but with the wider range of issues and members promoting diversity in terms of gender, age, nationality and other attributes, each division is now making efforts in line with its own characteristics and issues, resulting in reports at the annual forum on a wide variety of plans and events with unique characteristics. The forum shares anew the awareness of how diversity is essential for growth, given rapid changes in the business environment and the increasing speed of technological innovation; it also serves to renew the participants’ determination to further promote diversity.

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