Support for Children’s Performance of “The Three Little Pigs”

To Protect Valuable Lives, an Opportunity to Learn About Disaster Readiness

As part of our support for areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake, Chugai was a special supporter of a children’s performance, “Narikiri Stage”, held by the Huuug Association on January 31.

Based on “The Three Little Pigs,” the program welcomed children to become the characters themselves on stage, telling the story through song and dance as a way of developing their creativity, expressiveness and cognitive abilities. The program featured two performances by former members of the Takarazuka Revue’s Moon Troupe, and brought together the smiling faces of 383 children and adults from the town of Yamamoto in Miyagi Prefecture. Together they learned about protecting valuable lives through disaster readiness. The event ended with a choral rendition of The Song of Life by Anji Hino and the other performers, a song of survival and a reminder that this was a day for learning about the value of life.

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