Message from the Deputy Chairman of the Board

Chugai will pursue innovation to create shared value with stakeholders. Adopting that approach throughout our business, we will continue our own evolution as a company. Motoo Ueno Representative Director and Deputy Chairman Sustainability, Risk Management, Compliance, Audit

Human health and wellbeing is a shared goal among all of our stakeholders. The mission of the Chugai Group is “dedicating ourselves to adding value by creating and delivering innovative products and services for the medical community and human health around the world.”

With our mission, the Chugai Group will contribute to the sustainability of society sharing values with stakeholders, and pursue innovation with the goal of creating and delivering advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare.

In our mid-term business plan IBI 21, we formulated our strategy as a means of creating value including nonfinancial aspects by analyzing the social environment and identifying areas of value where we can make a contribution.

We have adopted a medium to long-term perspective in analyzing and extracting the points to be social issues in the future, identifying priority agendas to be addressed by the Chugai Group based on the strengthening of sustainable platforms as a strategy for sustainable corporate value creation.

Specifically, we will focus on responding to six areas such as quality management, healthcare access, supply chain management, social contribution, global environment, and stakeholder engagement as priority agendas. In addition, we will devote greater efforts to consideration of human rights, health and productivity management, risk management, and compliance.

In the process of formulating our management strategy, we held discussions based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. We fully endorse the underlying purpose and principles of the SDGs, and I believe that advancing the strategy we have formulated will advance the SDGs.

Among the goals, “3. Good health and well-being” is aligned with Chugai’s Mission. Management is committed to fulfilling this goal, and will also actively work toward other objectives such as ensuring job satisfaction for employees, achieving technological innovation, and carrying out responsible manufacturing and marketing.

We intend to further strengthen our relationship of trust with stakeholders through qualitative improvement in corporate value.

We appreciate and welcome your continued understanding and support of the Chugai Group.

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Chugai Group’s Idea of Sustainability

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