Sustainability Promotion Approach

Information on the Chugai Group’s Sustainability promotion approach and promotion system.

Creating Shared Value and Promoting Sustainability

In September 2015, the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were adopted at the United Nations Summit. The SDGs consist of 17 global goals targeting achievement by 2030, to realize a diverse and inclusive, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable society, addressing a wide range of issues from poverty and hunger, health and education, climate change, sustainability of energy, to job satisfaction and economic growth.

In recent years, amid the changes in the global environment and a heightened sense of crisis toward the sustainability of social systems, including the economy, there is an increasing demand for corporate engagement and contribution in resolving social issues such as the environment and social system, while at the same time, corporations are required to pursue and achieve economic growth.

It is important that all governments and organizations address social issues to ensure the sustainability of the global environment and international community; therefore, the Chugai Group will remain committed to contributing to resolving social issues from all aspects of our business activities.

The mission of the Chugai Group is “dedicating itself to adding value by creating and delivering innovative products and services for the medical community and human health around the world.” Contributing to the medical community and human health is synonymous to contributing to resolving social issues, and we believe that the purpose of our group business since it’s foundation has been for providing solutions to social issues. We will continue in our efforts to create shared value through further innovation.

There are many opportunities to address social issues in varied aspects of business activities. We will also actively engage in other social issues with the purpose of increasing sustainability.

We will aim for long-term, sustainable development of society and businesses, by earning the trust of society through the creation of shared value for resolving social issues and implementing a cycle of reinvesting in the resolution of social issues.

Chugai’s SDGs Focus

Chugai’s SDGs Focus

Among the 17 SDGs, Chugai prioritizes Goal 3, which directly links to our Mission. The next four SDGs shown help to achieve Goal 3, and the final six SDGs undergird our business activities.

Priority Issue Initiatives

Creating innovative drugs and services through focusing on innovation

The Chugai Group will continue in its dedication to innovation, with a focus on the development and creation of innovative drugs and services.
Our goal is to “create and deliver advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare.”
Our basic policy is to create new value shared by society, centered around our core pharmaceuticals business, and for the Chugai Group to grow together with society.

Strengthen Human Resources to support our business operations and drastic structural reform

To achieve our management goal, we believe that it is essential to establish a corporate culture that generates innovation through the development of highly advanced and diverse human resources, fulfilling their potential in respective roles, and that we properly evaluate their efforts and results accordingly.
It is also important to create an effective organizational and procedural structure in our pursuit of innovation.
We actively promote initiatives, including diversity and inclusion, to enhance further our human resources and organizational foundation supporting our business operations.

Concept of Promoting Sustainability and Priority Agendas

The Chugai Group will contribute to the sustainability of society through our efforts to develop solutions to social issues in every aspect of our business activities, including sustained long-term creation of innovative medical products and services.

We have identified six priority sustainability agendas supporting the challenges of innovation, based on the expectations and demands of society, the degree of impact of the Chugai Group on the economy, the environment, and society, and the degree of interest from stakeholders.

However, due to the fact that social issues classified by SDGs are inter-related, we will continue in our efforts in the light of all social issues in our implementation of initiatives.

We will also strengthen further the promotion of risk management and compliance as the foundation of our corporate activities.

Concept of Promoting Sustainability and Priority Agendas

Concept of Promoting Sustainability and Priority Agendas

Priority Sustainability Agenda Initiatives

1) The Evolution of Quality Management

It is vital in the pharmaceutical business that we provide both high quality products and information and they are safely used as a drug. Therefore, not to mention the quality of products, the quality of the information we provide to medical professionals, inclusive of accuracy, is obviously demanded. Additionally it is also essential to ensure high quality of operating process of providing products and information, and employee’s consciousness and action to implement the process for sure. We also strengthen the promotion of risk management and compliance which undergird our consciousness and action.
Furthermore, quality improvement not only requires the efforts of our own company, but also the cooperation from our business partners. We will foster and establish a quality oriented culture, while proactively engaging in the quality of our business partners, to enhance the quality standards on a global level.

2) Supply Chain Management

Society as a whole has changed significantly, with the full-scale advancement of globalization and the information society, people and goods, money, services move actively and instantaneously across borders.
In the procurement of raw materials and supplies and in outsourcing, the Chugai Group will not only carry out conventional cost management, including quality, performance, price, and delivery conditions, but we will also promote and implement supply chain management with further focus on factors such as the natural environment, working environment, and human rights.
For this purpose, we will conduct comprehensive supplier assessments.

3) Improving Access to Healthcare

Since the establishment of a strategic alliance business model with the Roche Group, the Chugai Group does not have a global direct delivery system of products to all countries and regions. Moreover, the innovative drugs that our Group offers may not necessarily be in demand for practical treatment in areas such as developing countries.
It is our aim to contribute to global healthcare by creating drugs that meet the needs of developing countries, including the dengue fever drug development project utilizing antibody technology, and to support the development of medical infrastructure, training healthcare professionals, and improving access to healthcare.

* Basic Concept of Global Healthcare

4) Social Contribution Activities

As a member of society, the Chugai Group will continue in our efforts centered on medical community and human health, demonstrating our experience and knowledge, by introducing resources and expertise as contributions toward the resolution of social issues without seeking direct compensation.
Working together with local governments and NPOs, the Chugai Group will actively promote our social contribution programs in our priority areas of healthcare, social welfare, inclusive society, next generation development, and local community.

* Basic Concept of Social Contribution

5) Global Environment Protection

To contribute toward the resolution of social issues through global environment protection initiatives, since its formulation in 2014, the Chugai Group has actively promoted environmental protection goals for 2020.
In the mid-term business plan (IBI 21), we will continue in our efforts towards achieving the 2020 goals while formulating the next environmental goals.
Specifically, we aim to control CO2 emissions, conserve energy, recycle waste, and prevent environmental pollution and other environmental issues. In addition to our manufacturing facilities, we are also conscious of our impact on the environment throughout all value chains in conducting our business.

6) Stakeholder Engagement

We will continue to disclose information, as a story, regarding our main business activities together with our activities in the strengthening of sustainable platforms.
Amid the recent changes in the global environment and a heightened sense of crisis toward the sustainability of the social system including the economy, there is an increasing demand from society as a whole, for corporate engagement and contribution in resolving social issues such as the environment and social system, while at the same time, corporations are required to pursue and achieve economic growth. The Chugai Group also strives to improve social value by proactively addressing issues, to make the optimal impact on the environment and social systems associated with our business activities, and to disclose information to our stakeholders to instill proper understanding of our corporate activities through active dialogue.

Framework for Promoting Sustainability

The Compliance Committee was established as a body for deliberation on issues, policies, targets and plans in promoting compliance; the EHS Committee play the similar roles in promoting environmental protection and occupational health and safety. Both committees are chaired by the Representative Director & Deputy Chairman, who is also the officer in charge of Sustainability Dept. The Compliance Committee is comprised of two subcommittees: the GxP Subcommittee, responsible for compliance with regard to pharmaceutical regulations, both domestic and overseas, as well as compliance with internal rules established based on those regulations; and the C&H (Corporate & Healthcare) Subcommittee, which deals with all other compliance issues aside from GxP.

Framework for Promoting Sustainability

Framework for Promoting Sustainability

To ensure compliance = a cornerstone of promoting Sustainability = the Compliance Manager is designated head of the organization, and works with the Compliance Officer, appointed by that manager, to understand the state of compliance within each organization, resolve any issues, and engage in education and awareness.

In terms of the environment, safety and health, action plans determined by the EHS* Committee are shared with the EHS general managers and EHS managers at each business site, and are reflected in business site-specific action plans formulated by the Safety, Health and Environment Committee at each site, chaired by their EHS general managers.

  • * Environment, Health and Safety
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Chugai Group’s Idea of Sustainability

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