CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at Chugai Pharmaceutical

The Chugai Group will help to build public trust in corporations and contribute to the sustainable development of society by working to create innovative drugs that address unmet medical needs.

Our View of CSR

CSR consists of our mission statement and corporate activities based on Chugai BCG (Chugai Business Conduct Guidelines).

To realize its mission, the Chugai Group has established a Mission Statement that includes seven Core Values to be shared as individuals and as a company in order to ensure sound business activities as we work toward our Envisioned Future. The Core Values also form the basis of the Chugai Business Conduct Guidelines (Chugai BCG), a code of behavior for management decision-making and employees. The Chugai BCG are reflected in the activities of each business unit and serve as a foundation to support the execution of our new mid-term business plan, IBI 18.

At the Chugai Group, we believe that corporate activities consistent with our Mission Statement and the Chugai BCG are the essence of our CSR.

Framework for Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR Committee was established as a body for deliberation and decision-making on issues, policies, targets and plans involving CSR across all Chugai business activities; the Compliance Committee plays a similar role in promoting compliance. Both committees are chaired by the Representative Director & Deputy Chairman, who is also the officer in charge of promoting CSR. The Compliance Committee is comprised of two subcommittees: the GxP Subcommittee, responsible for compliance with regard to pharmaceutical regulations, both domestic and overseas, as well as compliance with internal rules established based on those regulations; and the C&H (Corporate & Healthcare) Subcommittee, which deals with all other compliance issues aside from GxP.

Framework for Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

To ensure compliance--a cornerstone of promoting CSR--the Compliance Manager is designated head of the organization, and works with the Compliance Officer, appointed by that manager, to understand the state of compliance within each organization, resolve any issues, and engage in education and awareness.

In terms of the environment, safety and health, action plans determined by the CSR Committee are shared with the EHS* general managers and EHS managers at each business site, and are reflected in business site-specific action plans formulated by the Safety, Health and Environment Committee at each site, chaired by their EHS general managers.

  • * Environment, Health and Safety

BCG Hotline

The BCG Hotline is available to provide consultation for and receive reports from the Chugai Group employees and other individuals regarding laws, Company rules, the Chugai BCG or related matters. Issues reported are investigated impartially and with strict confidentiality to find a solution while respecting the opinion of the person who made the report.
Company rules prohibit retaliation or any other disadvantageous treatment of employees who seek consultation or make reports via the hotline. The BCG Hotline facilitates response to problems or other matters that are difficult to discuss and resolve in the workplace. The goal is to create a positive work environment by enhancing the ability of each workplace to address issues internally.
In addition, an external hotline has been set up to handle consultations and reports regarding harassment.

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Chugai's Approach to CSR

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