Recruiting Information

External Affairs Department, Health Technology Assessment(HTA)Manager / Project Leader

Background of recruitment:

Background to appointment:

Enhance the HTA function in the areas of “correspondence relating to the cost-effectiveness assessment system in Japan”, “global market access strategy”, and “research on social and economic value perspectives”.

Type of employment Regular employee
Description of work

Description of work:

・ Promotion of cost-effectiveness evaluation projects for each product
・ Planning global market access strategies for early development products
・ Interdisciplinary research on social and economic perspectives
・ Correspondence with domestic HTA related industry groups and networking with opinion leaders

Position Features:

As a top innovator in the healthcare industry, we need to recruit people who can lead social and economic value assessments. With the introduction of cost-effectiveness assessments, the importance of the HTA function to explain the value of medicines to society is increasing. We have a large number of innovative pharmaceutical products and rich pipelines. In addition, it is an environment where advanced HTA activities can be performed with Roche.

Required qualifications

Desired experience:

  • At least 5 years of prior experience with HTA / HEOR (Health Economics & Outcome Research)
  • Project management experience with cost-effectiveness analysis and other HTA / HEOR research
  • Experience leading the process from identification of evidence gaps to peer-reviewed scientific publications

Desired skills/knowledge/abilities:

  • Related degree such as Health Economics, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Public Health or other related fields
  • Knowledge of Japanese and overseas medical insurance system, drug price system and cost effectiveness evaluation system
  • Expertise and practical skills such as cost-effectiveness analysis and other health economic analysis
  • Knowledge and analytical skills in the area of basic biostatistics and PRO / QOL research, etc
  • Writing and presentation skills for peer-reviewed scientific publications and HTA dossier development
  • Communication skills for relationship building with industry groups and opinion leadersers, etc

Desired competencies:

  • Understanding of Japanese cost-effectiveness evaluation systems / analysis guidelines and various international statements / guidelines (e.g. PRISMA) and creating analytical proposals for institutions based on appropriate project leads and scientific perspectives
  • Challenging oneself and working proactively regardless of existing frameworks and established concepts, even under tough circumstances
  • Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives in the implementation of institutional correspondence and interdisciplinary research
  • Contributing to the development of HTA human resources based on scientific background

Desired Qualifications:

・MPH or HTA/HEOR related doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., or Dr.P.H.)(preferably received rather than in progress)

・Middle level business English (able to conduct teleconferences and travel overseas)

Place of business Main Office (Chuo Ward, Tokyo)
Hours Flextime system (core time: 11:30–13:30)
Salary To be decided in accordance with our criteria
Application method Please apply via the link below.
* We will not disclose any application to any third party.
* We will not use documents submitted by applicants for any purposes other than screening.
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