Recruiting Information

Clinical trial operation job including global trial.

Background of recruitment:
  • At MA headquarters, there is a shortage of people who operate clinical trials including global trials.
  • Recruitment of personnel who can take immediate actions on clinical trial operations including global trial conducted in Medical Affairs Division.
Type of employment Regular employees
Description of work
  • Clinical trial operations including global trials in each area.
Required qualifications
  • Familiar with the regulation of clinical trials.(ICH-GCP, J-GCP, New Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects etc)
  • Experience in operation of global trial in foreign-affiliated companies etc.
  • Good communication with domestic and overseas staff is possible.
Place of business Main Office (Chuo Ward, Tokyo)
Hours Flex time system (core time: 11:30–13:30)

To be decided in accordance with our criteria.

Application method Please appy via the link below.
* We will not disclose any application to any third party.
* We will not use documents submitted by applicants for any purposes other than screening.
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