Waste and Recycling

To achieve zero emissions of waste (an industrial waste recycling ratio of 99 percent or more), the Chugai Group aims to increase its recycling ratio and further reduce its amount of landfill waste.

Waste Reduction

Industrial Waste in 2018

Due to a significant reduction in waste oil, the amount of industrial waste generated in 2018 fell by 13 tons, from 2,854 tons in 2017 to 2,841 tons. Previously the Fujieda Plant, having generated the majority of waste oil, was unable to separate out the small amounts of oil in its wastewater, and thus had to treat all of it as waste oil. In 2018, it introduced additionally a wastewater treatment facility capable of separating water and oil, allowing it to significantly reduce the volume of waste oil generated.

Industrial Waste Generated by Type

The recycling ratio increased by 14.5 points over 2017 to 90.9 percent, significantly above the target of 80 percent. This was due to striking improvements made at the Kamakura Research Laboratories and the Fujieda Plant. In addition, with regards to the mid-term goal of achieving zero emissions (a recycling ratio of 99 percent or higher) from at least three facilities, both the Ukima Site and the Utsunomiya Plant achieved a ratio of 100 percent for the second year in a row. Our final disposal ratio was 1.2 percent, as we maintained our goal of 2 percent or lower since 2014.

Waste Recycled and Recycling Ratio*1

Amount of landfill waste Final disposal rate*2

Proper Disposal of Waste Materials

Once a year, Chugai holds conferences for persons in charge of waste, mainly those at plants and research laboratories. These conferences help them reduce waste risk, such as illegal disposal, by informing those concerned of revisions in Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act and other regulations and by providing proper disposal information.
Chugai has set a goal of on-site verification of 100 percent of waste disposal contractor facilities over a three-year period (2018-2020) to meet its obligation under the above mentioned act. In 2018, we conducted on-site verification of 29 percent of waste disposal contractors.

Reduction in PPC Paper Used

Plain paper copier (PPC) paper purchases fell by 4 percent from 2017, achieving our goal of purchasing less PPC paper than in the previous year. Efforts to promote paperless operations and thorough control over copier use were factors in this decrease. We also continue to promote purchasing of paper that complies with Japan’s Green Purchasing Law.

PPC Paper Purchased

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