Occupational Safety and Health

We approach health and productivity management with a mid- to long-term perspective, and are undertaking initiatives unique to Chugai.

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Environment, Health and Safety Group, Sustainability Dept.
Nobuaki Kato

Health and productivity management as a mid- to long-term strategy

The health and safety of employees has always been a management priority at Chugai. In December 2017, we announced the Chugai Group Declaration on Health to advance health and productivity management as a mid- to long-term strategy, rather than simply addressing issues when they occur. Based on this strategy, we conducted a company-wide analysis of issues, set six priority items (cancer, lifestyle diseases, mental health, presenteeism, health literacy and workplace safety), and are implementing the PDCA cycle for each of them.

What makes our activities distinctive is that we work together with multiple departments from the planning stage and set quantitative targets with fixed time limits. These approaches have received recognition as examples of good practice, but the results are what count. Efforts to increase cancer screening rates and awareness of internal company systems are beginning to yield results, and we hope to quickly show successful outcomes of activities for other priority items as well. We are also considering designing a total performance indicator to evaluate our initiatives for health-related issues.

We believe that a satisfying and rewarding work environment where all employees can do their jobs in good physical and mental health is the foundation for growth. We are focusing on health and productivity management to contribute to the health of individuals and the health of the company simultaneously. Being a life sciences company, we frequently handle materials that significantly affect the human body, and therefore place high priority on ensuring the safety of employees. In addition, we are undertaking companywide initiatives based on an EHS management system that integrates environmental protection and occupational health and safety management, which are closely related.

Material Issues

  • Improvement of occupational health and safety

Occupational Safety and Health Initiatives

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