Goals of Action Plan for Raising the Next Generation

The following action plan was discussed and formulated by labor and management for the purpose of creating an environment where all employees including those employees currently raising children can fully demonstrate their abilities and engage in their work with job satisfaction while ensuring work-life balance.

1. Period

Two years nine months from April 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2019

2. Contents

Goal 1: To raise awareness and create an environment that facilitates the participation of men in child care.

<Specific Measures>

  • July 2017 Confirm the use of systems which support life-events in the divisions and offices
  • October 2017 Start specific discussions about initiatives
  • January 2018- Labor and management conduct activities to raise awareness and publicize through the website

Goal 2: To raise awareness among managers to create an environment that enables the active participation of both men and women and supports employees in balancing their careers and life events.

<Specific Measures>

  • April 2018 Discuss initiatives targeting supervisors utilizing the Management Handbook
  • October 2018- Implement measures to raise the awareness of supervisors

Goal 3: Implement measures to realize a varied pace of work to enable each and every individual to demonstrate their abilities to the utmost extent.

<Specific Measures>

  • April 2017 Labor and management discuss policies for work-style reforms
  • June 2017 Publicize policies for work-style reforms within the company and start discussing specific measures
  • October 2017 Set the annual recommended days for using paid leave and inform employees
  • April 2018- Implement companywide initiatives that contribute to work-style reforms and prepare the environment
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