Goals of Action Plan for Raising the Next Generation

We have formulated the following action plan, aiming at improving employees’ working environment that enable them to stay positive at work and fulfill their potential while providing more flexibility in work methods at any workplace of our company, and letting all the employees including those who are raising their children have a proper work-life balance.

1. Target Period

from July 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2021

2. Action Plan

Goal 1: Supporting career development of the employees who are raising their children and organizing an environment for both male and female employees can play active roles

  • Introducing seminars for employees who are going to take Maternity Leave and their immediate superiors being aimed at creating a robust working environment that is desirable to let the employees who returned to the workplace after using Long-term Absence from Work for Child Care stay positive at work;
  • Conducting seminars for managers who have direct reports being aimed at mentoring one’s subordinates and supporting their career development for middle and long term focusing on their diversity while the number of employees who are working under a time constraint is increasing;
  • Organizing the programs in which meetings to be held between an employee and the employee’s immediate superior before using the employee’s Maternity Leave or Child Care Leave and after returning from Child Care Leave with the purpose of supporting the employees who are rearing their children to develop their careers in the middle and long term;
  • Setting up an opportunity for encouraging communication among employees who are rearing their children and whose time for work is constrained to share their mutual knowledge and find a clue about their work and child-rearing balance

Goal 2: Promoting employees’ understanding of mutual situations and gender bias by organizing a robust working environment, enabling male employees to engage in child-rearing

  • Making employees to fully comprehend that encouraging male employees to be involved in raising their children will lead not only the improvement of their Work - Life Balance, but also recognition of each employee’s diversified work styles, mutual respect among employees and creation of a working environment enabling both male and female employees can play active part;
  • Conducting a survey of employees’ general recognition of working fathers’ matters, in order to ascertaining what factors or adverse environmental aspects limit such as using Long-term Absence from Work/Short-time Work for Child Care and other flexible working arrangements for handling domestic matters, and organize and develop HR management approaches and strategies in the future;
  • Providing online training on gender bias for managers who have direct reports

Goal 3: Carrying out a grand plan to work efficiently while striking a balance between work and life, in order for each individual employee fulfill their potential

  • Endeavoring to establish systems and mechanisms to achieve flexible working arrangement goals and improve operational efficiency by promoting Work Style Reform
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