Oct 19, 2023

Adoption of natural refrigerant centrifuges at the new research base “Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama” (toward the mid-term environmental target of 100% reduction in CFCs consumption by 2030)


In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable global environment, the Chugai Group has established mid-term environmental targets ending in 2030*1, and continuously promotes environmental preservation activities. As one of these priorities, we have selected climate change countermeasures, which is one of the most important issues worldwide, and have set the goal of reducing the emission of the greenhouse gas, Halogenated hydrocarbons used as a refrigerant in refrigerators and air conditioning systems and so on, by 100%. In also working to control the leakage of Halogenated hydrocarbons into the air, we promote the conversion from Halogenated hydrocarbons to refrigerants with minimal greenhouse effects including natural refrigerants*2.

As part of this effort, Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama, a new research base that began operations in April 2023, is actively installing experimental equipment such as freezers, refrigerators, and ice machines that use natural refrigerants.

Regarding centrifuges, which are experimental equipment, the use of environmentally friendly natural refrigerant specifications has resulted in a 25 kg reduction in R404a (global warming potential: 3920) compared to a centrifuge of equivalent performance using CFCs.

Until now, it has been technologically difficult to convert centrifuges into using natural refrigerants, but at our request, TOMY SEIKO Ltd. (Headquarters: Nerima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenjiro Tominaga) developed the technology, making the conversion to natural refrigerants possible. All low speed refrigerated centrifuges installed upon completion of the facility are of natural refrigerant specifications.

The Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama is not only working toward the adoption of experimental equipment, but also natural refrigerant air-conditioning systems in the welfare building.

We will continue to promote the conversion to natural refrigerants with minimal greenhouse effects at all our sites, including domestic and overseas affiliates, by upgrading equipment to use natural refrigerants and by actively promoting technological development with construction companies, facilities, and equipment manufacturers, etc., to combat climate change.

      Low speed refrigerated centrifuges

Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama

Learn more about our climate change countermeasures here.

*1 Mid-term Environmental Target 2030
*2 Refrigerants made from substances originally existing in nature.

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