Mid-Term Business Plan

The Group formulated its new medium-term business plan “IBI 21,” which covers the period from fiscal year 2019 through fiscal year 2021. Based on the business foundation built under the previous medium-term business plan “IBI 18” and the strategic alliance with Roche, the Group has entered a new stage of transformation aiming to acquire further competitive advantage as well as achieve sustained profit growth and expanded corporate value.
The Group’s goal with “IBI 21” is to accelerate the mutual development of itself and society through the creation of innovative drugs and services. The Group has set out “five strategies” to achieve that goal, based on the priority agenda of “create global growth drivers and maximize value” and “strengthen human resources and infrastructure that support the business.”
Under “IBI 21,” Chugai aims for sustained corporate growth by further enhancing its basic approach to innovation which is expressed in “IBI,” “INNOVATION BEYOND IMAGINATION.”

5 Strategies

  1. Value Creation (Drug Discovery, Development, Pharmaceutical Technology)
  2. Value Delivery (Marketing & Sales, Medical Affairs, Safety)
  3. Promote advances in personalized healthcare
  4. Strengthening human capital and conduct structural reform
  5. Strengthening sustainable platforms
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Our Strategy

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