Alliance with Roche

Aiming to become a Top Pharmaceutical Company based on Strategic Alliance

Mapping the human genome has shed light on the causes of diseases, ushering in the age of new drug development using biotechnology. Conducting genomic drug creation with biotechnology required massive funding capability and the ability to deal with risks on a global scale.
Chugai concluded that it would be difficult to deal with these changes on its own and achieve sustainably growth, and since 2002 has had a strategic alliance with Roche. In 2009, to achieve even greater innovation, Chugai set the goal of becoming a top pharmaceutical company. The Company continued to promote business focused on innovation and achieved its goal in 2018.

POINT1 December 2001

Formation of Strategic Alliance with Roche

In December 2001, Chugai announced to form a strategic alliance with Roche. Roche is one of the world’s foremost research and development companies, and a leader in the field of biopharmaceuticals in particular. The alliance started with a meeting of minds among top managements. Its most notable feature is a completely new business model that takes the form of a network among Roche (Switzerland), Genentech (US) and Chugai (Japan) as the Roche Group, in which Chugai continues to manage itself autonomous as a listed company. Ten years later, the alliance was already generating strong synergies, with growth of 1.6 times in net sales and more than 2 times in operating income at Chugai.

POINT2 2008

As a Leading Company in Oncology Field

With the addition of Roche’s anticancer drugs to its product lineup, Chugai has maintained the top share of the oncology field in Japan since 2008. Chugai’s Oncology Unit, with approximately 500 specialist MRs as of the end of 2015, provides innovative pharmaceuticals and services with the aim of achieving cancer treatment that lets patients confront their disease with hope.

POINT3 June 2005

Creation of Actemra®, the First Therapeutic Antibody Produced in Japan

In 2005, Chugai launched Actemra®, the first therapeutic antibody produced in Japan. In the decade since its introduction in Japan, Actemra® has grown into a product sold in more than 90 countries worldwide through the channels of the Roche Group. The product is manufactured at the Utsunomiya Plant and shipped to patients worldwide, realizing the ambition incorporated in Chugai’s name at its founding: to provide Japanese pharmaceuticals overseas.

POINT4 June 2001

Promotion of Personalized Healthcare, “PHC” (First PHC Product: Anti-Cancer Agent Herceptin®)

The ability to analyze patients’ condition at the molecular and genetic level has led to the further subdivision of diseases that all formerly received the same diagnosis. As a consequence, pharmaceutical companies have become able to develop drugs that act exclusively on the causes of each specific disease. We are becoming able to select treatments tailored to each individual patient, from which we can expect greater efficacy and fewer side effects. This is called Personalized Healthcare (PHC), an area where the Roche Group is a world leader.

POINT5 October 2010

Announcement of Recycling Antibody Technology, Chugai’s First Proprietary Antibody Engineering Technology

Chugai is focusing on the development of next-generation antibody technologies. Its innovative antibody engineering technology called Recycling Antibody®, which prolongs the effect of a drug by binding to an antigen multiple times, was announced in Nature Biotechnology in October 2010. In addition, Sweeping Antibody®, which was developed by applying Recycling Antibody® technology, has the feature of being able to remove a large amount of antigens with fewer antibodies. With the ongoing development of new technologies to follow these antibody technologies, Chugai is contributing to the evolution of medical treatment with the creation of drugs that are one step ahead.

Chugai’s Key figures「Revenues, Operating Profit」
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