History of Chugai Pharmaceutical

Understanding Chugai’s history that fostered the business philosophy “Innovation all for the patients”


Tatsuro Kosaka appointed as Representative Director, Chairman and Osamu Okuda appointed as Representative Director, President (Mar.)

Announced CHUGAI DIGITAL VISION 2030 to Accelerate Digital Transformation (Mar.)

Approval of Enspryng®, a pH-Dependent Binding Humanized anti-IL-6 Receptor Monoclonal Antibody, in the United States (Aug.)

Launched Enspryng®, a pH-Dependent Binding Humanized anti-IL-6 Receptor Monoclonal Antibody (Aug.)


Integration and Reorganization of Chugai Business Support Co., Ltd. and Medical Culture Inc., under a new trade name of Chugai Business Solution Co., Ltd. (Jan.)

Osamu Okuda appointed as Representative Director and President (Mar.)

Dissolution of Forerunner Pharma Research (Mar.)

Launched Polivy®, an anticancer agent/an antimicrotubule binding anti-CD79b monoclonal antibody (May)

Regulatory approval of Ronapreve®, an anti-SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibody (Jul.)

Launched FoundationOne® Liquid CDx Cancer Genomic Profile, a diagnostic program (Aug.)

Launched Evrysdi® for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy (Aug.)

Approval of Actemra®, a Humanized Anti-Human IL-6 Receptor Monoclonal Antibody, for the treatment of severe COVID-19 in the Europe (Dec.)


Integration of Chugai Pharma Science (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Chugai Pharma China Co., Ltd. (Feb.)

Launched Vabysmo®, an anti VEGF/anti Ang-2 bispecific antibody. Marks Chugai’s first full-scale entry in the field of ophthalmology (May)

Launched Edirol®, an active vitamin D3 derivative, in China (Jul.)

Partial revision of the Basic Alliance Agreement with Roche (Jul.)

MITCHGA ®, an anti-IL-31 receptor a humanized monoclonal antibody created by Chugai, was launched in Japan by Maruho Co., Ltd. for the treatment of itching associated with atopic dermatitis (Aug.)

Construction completed for Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama (Yokohama Prefecture) (Oct.)

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History of Chugai Pharmaceutical

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