Mission Statement

The Chugai Group upholds its mission statement—which consists of its mission, its core values and its envisioned future—in order to be a business that meets a diverse array of stakeholder expectations as it realizes its corporate responsibility to society. It is on the basis of this mission statement that the Chugai Group conducts its business operations.

Mission Statement


Dedicate ourselves to adding value by creating and delivering innovative products and services for the medical community and human health around the world

Core Values

1. Patient Centric
Make each patient’s wellbeing our highest priority

2. Pioneering Spirit
Pursue innovation by improving ourselves and thinking differently

3. Integrity
Maintain the highest standards in all we do to create shared value with society

Envisioned Future

Become a top innovator for advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare, powered by our unique strength in science and technology and the alliance with Roche

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Management Policy

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