Feb 07, 2024

The 4th Online Workshop on Multidisciplinary Team Care for Healthcare Professionals in Cambodia

~ Co‐Creation Zoo: Artistic Approach to Team Building Workshop ~

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In contrast to the dramatic economic growth, the health and sanitation situation in Cambodia is still developing, and there are many issues that need to be solved, such as lack of knowledge on medical and sanitation of the people, insufficient insurance systems, and lack of medical facilities. Above all, the lack of numbers of medical professionals is serious and a major obstacle to accessing high-quality healthcare for the public to address this issue, Chugai held the fourth multidisciplinary team care workshop for medical professionals in Cambodia in collaboration with International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart (hereafter, Japan Heart*), a non-profit organization on December 15 and 16, 2023.

Chugai has long been involved in the promotion of multidisciplinary team care in Japan, where various players in medical care share purpose and information and provide medical care in cooperation with each other and complement each other. Based on this experience, we have held a workshop on multidisciplinary team care for local healthcare professionals in Cambodia from 2020 to support the cooperation of limited human resources and contribute to the realization of high-quality healthcare. This was the fourth time that we conducted a new Communication WS "Co-Creation Zoo: Articular Approach to Team Building Workshop (provided by MSC* 2)."

Please refer to the link for past activities
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Workshop on the day

Provided by Japan Heart

The grouping of WS was divided into Japanese and Khmer staff to deepen discussions, and both groups were conducted in their native languages. With regards to sharing the opinions of each group, we were able to deepen our understanding by providing feedback to all participants through a Khmer Japanese interpreter, and we were able to share our thoughts with each other by drawing communication issues that we usually did not notice each other and the ideal image of Japan Heart individually.
Chugai will continue support activities leveraging its strengths to contribute to global health with the aim of providing highly patient-centered and sustainable medical care.

Feedback from participants
Dr. Maiko Koujiro, board member/medical doctor/hospital project director, Japan Heart

This session included a workshop that compared an organization to a zoo and talked about the ideal organization. These four hours were very valuable as a team building training that suited our hospital, which was trying to create a new hospital, in that their thoughts were illustrated and visualized by taking into consideration the language barrier; that they were able to talk about things they did not usually talk about with people of the same race as a group consisting of Japanese and Cambodians separately, and that they were able to understand each other's thoughts through the presentations by the Cambodian and Japanese groups in each loop. I had the opportunity to observe the participants as a participant on Day 1 and as an observer on Day 2. It was a great accomplishment for me personally to be able to get a peek of the values that each and every member of the staff values and expectations for the organization. I was pleased to see that the Cambodian staff have also become reliable. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for providing such a training opportunity.

Ms. SUN MEY, Nurse, Japan heart children's medical center
I am very happy and proud to be part of this workshop. It is thanks to this workshop that I was able to expand my thoughts with a view to creating a hospital that we can create ourselves as an ideal in the future. A big thank you to all of you. During this workshop, we were able to think about not only the basic facilities of the outpatient department and hospital ward for general patients, but also what the ideal hospital would need, such as a garden where patients can relax and rest and a room where they can spend time with their family. In addition, since there are currently no rest rooms or adequate parking spaces not only for the patients but also for the staff who actually work, I think it is very important to prepare in the future so that the staff can take a rest and have no trouble commuting even if the number of staff increases. We would be happy if we could create a hospital where patients and staff can feel comfortable and work. Thank you again for giving me this valuable opportunity.

*1 Japan Heart  https://www.japanheart.org/
*2 MSC* Management Service Center  https://www.msc-net.co.jp/

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