Dec 27, 2023

Support for regular classes for children with disabilities

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Chugai is promoting a variety of initiatives to help realize a society in which people can live healthy lives in their own way and together with a diverse range of people, regardless of disability or gender.

One such initiative is to provide ongoing opportunities for children to enjoy exercise regardless of disability, through Center Pole's (CP) "CP Adaptive Sports Class" and HOKKAIDO ADAPTIVE SPORTS' (HAS) "HAS School" and the Japan Adapted Breakin Association (JABA)'s "Dance Classes for Everyone".

Regular classes offered by these organizations allow children to enjoy a variety of physical activities such as wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair softball, and dance on an ongoing basis. We also believe that this will lead to opportunities to cultivate communication skills, self-expression, and self-management through interaction with others.
We are pleased to report on the results of a survey conducted on the participants of the classes of 2022 of the above three organizations, with the aim of measuring the impact of these activities on children.

                                      【Questionnaire results】
■Total number of classes held: 65 (January 2022 - March 2023)
■Total number of class participants: 953 (Multiple participations by the same participant are also included in the count) 
■Respondents who cooperated in the survey: 46
■Events: Wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair softball, marathon, skiing, dance, etc.

【Question1】Do you want to take on new challenges in the future? (YES77%,NO23%)

【Question2】Has your ability to manage your daily life changed? (YES70%,NO30%)

*Note: This survey is conducted in cooperation with Center Pole (CP), HOKKAIDO ADAPTIVE SPORTS (HAS), and Japan Adapted Breakin Association (JABA). Although the programs implemented by each organization differ, the questions were standardized and tabulated.
*Note: Although the survey targets mainly children with disabilities, 6 responses from able-bodied people were included.
*Note: Some responses were written by parents.

The survey results showed that more than 70% of the children who participated in the program felt a positive change in themselves in all questions. These results suggest that providing regular exercise opportunities not only creates opportunities for exercise but also has a positive impact on children's independence, autonomy, and social skills.

We will continue to support children with disabilities in their efforts to interact with people of all backgrounds, to develop diverse ideas, and to advance in society.

Click here to see a video of our support for sports for the people with with disabilities.

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