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Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Press Room Membership Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Press Room

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chugai”) Press Room (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) refers to the website which offers services of providing PR-related information, etc. of Chugai through Internet or e-mail (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”).

Article 2 Membership Registration

  1. The Member shall be a person who has applied for membership registration, upon consent to these Terms and Conditions, Chugai’s Website Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Related Rules”) by accurately notifying Chugai of the matters prescribed by Chugai in accordance with Chugai’s prescribed procedures, and to whom Chugai has notified of accepting as a member. These Terms and Conditions and Related Rules shall constitute a part of an agreement concerning the use of the Service to be formed between the Members and Chugai, and determine what the Members should comply with when using the Service.
  2. Persons eligible for applying for membership registration shall be limited to the media-related corporations and individuals, such as newspaper companies, publishers, TV/radio stations and freelance journalists in principle, except for the cases especially admitted by Chugai.
  3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, as to any persons who have applied for membership registration (hereinafter referred to as the “Membership Registration Applicant(s)”), Chugai may, without disclosing the reasons, determine acceptance/non-acceptance of membership registration and scope of available Service at its discretion. Chugai shall not be held liable for any damages of the Membership Registration Applicants caused by Chugai’s non-acceptance of the application for membership registration or the determination of the scope of the Service.
  4. Membership registration application shall be one (1) time for one (1) person, and any person who has become the Member shall not be allowed to repeatedly apply for membership registration. If any Member is found to have made more than one (1) membership registration, Chugai may, without notifying the said Member, integrate the said multiple membership registrations into one (1) membership registration Chugai selects, and invalidate ID(s) (as defined below) and Password(s) (as defined below) of membership registration other than the above. In such a case, the invalidated ID(s) and Password(s) shall become unusable.

Article 3 Change Notification

A Member shall, if there is any change in the matters notified to Chugai at the application for membership registration, promptly notify Chugai of the said change whenever it arises.

Article 4 ID and Password

  1. The Membership Registration Applicant shall notify at the time of application for membership registration one (1) e-mail address (except for that of mobile phone) he/she/it selects discretionally as a letter string for member identification (hereinafter referred to as “ID”). Furthermore, he/she/it shall notify any one (1) letter string for ID verification (hereinafter referred to as “Password”).
  2. Chugai shall, when giving the notice of accepting membership registration to the Membership Registration Applicant, deliver ID and Password notified by the said Membership Registration Applicant simultaneously with the said notice, as ID and Password for connection to the Website; provided, however, that if Chugai notified of the necessity of change, such as the case where the said ID and/or Password are/is the same as the one already registered, the Membership Registration Applicant shall change the said ID and/or Password in accordance with the notice, and notify them again pursuant to the preceding paragraph. Chugai shall reserve the membership registration of the said Membership Registration Applicant until he/she/it completes the change.
  3. The Members shall use ID and Password only for themselves and shall not disclose, divulge them to any third parties or allow a third party to use them. The Members shall access to the Website on their own responsibility and at their expense.
  4. The Members shall manage ID and Password with the due care of a prudent manager, including keeping them in confidence and regularly changing Password, etc., to prevent them from being learned or used by third parties, including other Members. In the event the Member’s ID and Password are used by a third party, damages thereof shall be borne by the said Member; provided, however, that this shall not apply to cases where willful intent or gross negligence exists in Chugai.
  5. The Member shall, if he/she/it is aware of the occurrence of a risk that ID or Password is to be used by a third party, or if he/she/it forgets ID or Password, immediately notify Chugai thereof and follow Chugai’s instruction.

Article 5 Withdrawal

A Member may withdraw from the Website at any time by notifying Chugai by the method prescribed by Chugai. In such a case, the withdrawal become effective at the time when the Member has performed all obligations that he/she/it owes to Chugai as a member of the Website.

Article 6 Revocation of Membership Qualification

If a Member falls under any of each item below, Chugai may immediately revoke the membership qualification without notice or demand:

  1. When matters notified to Chugai at the time of membership registration or thereafter are false;
  2. When the Member breaches these Terms and Conditions, Related Rules or any other agreements, etc. between Chugai and the Member and failed to make correction following the elapse of ten (10) days after demand was given in writing for the correction of the said breach;
  3. When the Member commits an act of harming the interests of Chugai (including an act of interfering with smooth operation of the Website);
  4. When the Member commits an illegal act or an act that is against public policy when using the Service or in connection with it;
  5. When the Member loses its status as a member of the press;
  6. When a petition for bankruptcy, commencement of civil rehabilitation procedures, corporate reorganization, corporate arrangement or special liquidation is filed against the Member;
  7. When the Member suspends general payment, or a petition for attachment, provisional attachment or provisional disposition is filed against the Member;
  8. When the corporate charter is revoked or otherwise when the Member dissolves itself;
  9. When Chugai has trouble contacting the Member in despite of reasonable communication means it has taken; or
  10. When the Member dies (the status of a Member shall not be inherited)

Article 7 The Service

Chugai shall provide the Members with the following two (2) services as the Service. The details thereof shall be separately provided for by Chugai:

  1. Information provision service
    It provides Chugai’s business performance, business activities and other information, etc. related to the company on the Website; and
  2. E-mail distribution service
    Chugai shall be entitled to transmit information it determines as beneficial and useful or questionnaires, etc. to the Members at e-mail address notified by the Members to Chugai, and the Members shall consent thereto. For this purpose, the Members shall arrange and maintain environment suitable for receiving e-mail from Chugai at their own responsibility and at their expense.

Chugai may, without notifying the Members, provide all or part of the Service to third parties other than the Members at its discretion. Furthermore, the utilization status, etc. of the company website by the Members may be used or provided to third parties in some cases for maintenance and management of website, improvement of services and Corporate Communications activities corresponding to the needs of the Members. Chugai shall neither use them nor provide them to third parties for any other purposes.

Article 8 Change of Service Contents for Members /Discontinuation

  1. Chugai may, without notice to the Members, change, add, delete, postpone, discontinue or abolish, etc. the contents of the Service, wholly or in part, at its discretion.
  2. Chugai may, as to any Members, change or restrict, etc. at its discretion after membership registration, the scope of each Service set at the time of membership registration.
  3. Even if damages are incurred by the Members due to the change, etc. of the Service under the preceding paragraph, Chugai shall not be liable to the Members in any aspect.

Article 9 Others

  1. Chugai announces these Terms and Conditions to the Members by posting them on the Website. These Terms and Conditions shall become effective at the time of posting on the Website and remain in full force and effect unless Chugai denies its validity on the Website. Chugai may change these Terms and Conditions at any time without consent of the Members. Such change shall become effective at the time of posting it on the Website.
  2. The Service is all just information and telecommunication service and Chugai shall not, except for cases attributable to its willful intent or gross negligence, warrant the credibility, accuracy, usefulness, legitimacy and safety of information provided by the Service. Furthermore, Chugai shall assume no responsibility for damage incurred by the Members and third parties due to the performance of these Terms and Conditions, including the use of the Service, as well as for damages incurred by the Members and third parties due to a breach of these Terms and Conditions by a Member.
  3. The Members shall not assign to third parties or establish, etc. security interest on the rights and obligations founded on these Terms and Conditions.
  4. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  5. Any dispute, if arises between Chugai and a Member in relation to the Service, shall be resolved through good-faith consultation between both parties; however, the parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court, in a case where the need of a suit arises.
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