Nov 09, 2023

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The Launch of Chugai’s New TV Commercial Featuring Tori Matsuzaka “Innovation Lab / AI-leveraging Drug Discovery”

TOKYO, November 09, 2023 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced the launch of a new TV commercial featuring Tori Matsuzaka titled “Innovation Lab / AI-leveraging drug discovery.”

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[Innovation Lab / AI-leveraging drug discovery]

The commercial conveys Chugai’s commitment to discover innovative new drugs as quickly as possible through its unique strengths in science and technology. This is the series commercial following the “Innovation Lab/Antibody Technology” which was released in December 2022. The theme of this commercial is “AI-leveraging drug discovery,” and it depicts initiatives utilizing AI to innovate the process of new drug discovery with a catchphrase, “Opening the door for new drug discovery with AI”.

As in the previous commercial, Tori Matsuzaka plays the role of researcher, expressing that a researcher who makes trial and error to derive the seeds of new drug will encounter an AI with a different idea from humans, and open an unprecedented door for drug discovery. The motif of the monolith, which rises in the deserts, is MALEXA®, Chugai’s unique AI-based technology to support drug discovery of antibody therapeutics, and it symbolizes the fusion of researchers and AI.

The laboratory scene was filmed at Chugai’s new research base, Chugai Life Science Park Yokohama, which went into full operation in April 2023. The making-of movie where the actor talks about the behind the scenes of production is posted on Chugai’s brand websites and YouTube.


[About MALEXA®]

Chugai aims to dramatically reform the research processes, such as the creation of new drug candidates using AI and other cutting-edge technologies and the improvement of the probability of successful drug discovery. One such example is MALEXA®, AI-based technology to support drug discovery of antibody therapeutics. The structure of antibodies as candidates for new drugs has been designed through repeated trial and error where researchers analyzed data, considered combinations based on knowledge and experience, and evaluated them. By utilizing machine learning, we can analyze a large amount of data and automatically generate optimal new molecular sequences.





Tori Matsuzaka
Birthdate: 17 October 1988 / Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture

He made his acting debut in 2009 and has appeared in numerous movies, TV drama series, and stage performances. He won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 42nd Japan Academy Film Prize and the Best Actor Award at the 45th Japan Academy Film Prize for his performance in “The Blood of Wolves” series (18, 21). He also won the Best Actor Award at the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize for his performance in “The Journalists” (19). His major movies and drams in recent years include “The Wandering Moon,” “Whisper of the Heart,” “Fragments of the Last Will,” TBS “VIVANT,” and Netflix “Let's Get Divorced.” The movie "YUTORI international" is now being released.


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