Dec 24, 2019

The Launch of Chugai’s New Corporate Advertisement, “It’s not cancer. It’s one person.”

TOKYO, December 24, 2019 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today that a new corporate advertisement has been launched, under the slogan “INNOVATION BEYOND IMAGINATION.”

 New advertisement with the copy, “It’s not cancer. It’s one person.”

Advertising image

Chugai has been contributing to the advancement of personalized healthcare, where treatment decision is made based on information such as genes, especially in oncology area. 

In the new advertisement, “It’s not cancer. It’s one person.” is used as the main copy to express Chugai’s leading position in personalized healthcare and its determination to pursue innovation. The film is made of a unique style, in which Mirai Moriyama, an actor who continuously pursue innovative creation, starts a monologue in a space with a symbolic DNA placed in the center. 

Chugai aims to enhance understanding of Chugai and build trust with its stakeholders by implementing branding activities to convey its determination and challenges to solve unmet medical needs through innovation.


[Main activities]

Rollout of the new corporate advertisement on TV commercial starts today and will be place on newspapers and internet, in Japan.

[About the cast : MIRAI MORIYAMA]

Born in 1984 in Hyogo Prefecture. Active as an artist in unlimited categories such as theater, movie and performing arts. In 2013, he acted as a “Japan Cultural Envoys” appointed by the Agency of Cultural Affairs based in Israel’s dancing company. He has taken major roles in various theaters, movies and TV dramas in Japan. His first work outside Japan is the movie “The Horse Thieves. Roads of Time,” (Japan & Kazakhstan co-production film) to be released this coming January 18, 2020.

photo:Mirai Moriyama


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