Dec 26, 2017

The Launch of Chugai’s New Corporate Advertisement
“For a tomorrow only possible through biotechnology”

TOKYO, December 26, 2017 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today that it has launched a new corporate advertisement with a new concept, “For a tomorrow only possible through biotechnology.” The new concept continues to carry the current slogan “INNOVATION BEYOND IMAGINATION.”

Under its business philosophy “Innovation all for the patients,” Chugai aims to contribute to healthcare and human health around the world through the creation of innovative medical products and services. Since 2014, Chugai has used the slogan “INNOVATION BEYOND IMAGINATION” to convey the commitment of the company and the strong desire of its employees to make Chugai a top pharmaceutical company that continuously creates not only the products anxiously awaited by people around the world but also unprecedented medicines that exceed all expectations.

The main copy of the new corporate advertisement is, “For a tomorrow only possible through biotechnology.” Chugai has a strength in biotechnology built on its experience, starting in 1980s, with products such as EPOGIN®, NEUTROGIN®, ACTEMRA® and its expertise in antibody engineering technology. Chugai believes that the potential of biotechnology is huge, and the new advertisement intends to convey the commitment of the company to contribute to the future of healthcare by confronting the challenges in the healthcare field through its research and development effort. In an innovative and unique ambience, the advertisement depicts a “Futurian” that comes to the current world using a time-machine and speaks to the people about the future. Chugai will use this advertisement to convey the message that it will go beyond the imagination through many innovations toward the future.

With this advertisement, Chugai will implement communication activities through multiple channels to further raise the awareness and strengthen the corporate brand.

[Main activities]

Rollout of the new corporate advertisements on newspapers will start on Dec 26, 2017 and TV commercial videos will be aired starting from January 2018, in Japan.

[About the cast member (Futurian): SENA NAKAJIMA]

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