Feb 22, 2024

Creating opportunities for self-expression and exercise for people with disabilities

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Photos of the Recital

Chugai was a special sponsor of two dance events in 2023: "Dance Classes and Recital for Everyone" and "UNIQUE ZONE Breakin.

Chugai was a special sponsor of "Dance Classes and Recital for Everyone" organized by the Japan Adapted Breakin Association in 2023, following on from last year's event. The events provide ongoing dance opportunities primarily for elementary, junior high, and high school students with disabilities. In 2023, 18 classes were held and a recital was held in December to showcase the results of the classes, with a total of 548* participants over the year. The experience of friendly competition with their peers and the recital of the results of a year's worth of practice have helped to foster the children's confidence and spirit of challenge.
*Multiple participation by the same person is also counted.

Photos of the Recital

The UNIQUE ZONE Breakin, organized by the Japan Adapted Breakin Association, is a breakdance competition for people with disabilities only, and was held at the Nagai Sports Center for the Disabled in Osaka. In the world of breakdancing, originality is emphasized, and the judging is based on originality of movement that differs from others and its proficiency, allowing people with disabilities to express themselves by making the most of their individual characteristics. In this competition, 35 participants, ranging from children to adults, competed in dance battles in two categories: solo battle and 2-on-2. The participants showed a variety of unique and unconventional dances that utilized their individuality, creating great excitement at the venue and wowing the judges. We hope that competing with participants of all ages and personalities, from children to adults, will motivate them to set new goals and aim for new challenges.

Chugai will continue to support these activities in the hope that they will expand the possibilities of children with disabilities and help realize an inclusive society in which everyone can play an active role with vigor.

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