Sep 09, 2023

Blind Sports Trial Session Held

Social Contribution Inclusive Society Para-Sports
On September 9, Chugai held a blind sports experience event for Chugai employees and their families at Yokohama Municipal Special Needs School for the Blind. A total of 17 people participated, experiencing floor volleyball and sound table tennis with the school's teachers and students. In addition to classroom lectures on "communicating with the visually impaired," participants walked around the school wearing eye masks in pairs and listened to a talk by a person who lives with a guide dog, providing experience from the perspective of both the person with disabilities and the person providing support.

The participants commented, "Blind sports are more intense and physical than I had imagined. "Without visual information, I found it very difficult to perform movements that I thought were easy. "When I hid my eyes, I felt the importance of focusing on the sound." The experience provided an opportunity for each and every employee to gain awareness.

Chugai will continue to create opportunities for employee experience to help realize an inclusive society in which everyone can play an active role.

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