Aug 18, 2023

Workshop at Nihonbashi Kids Summer Camp

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What does it feel like to be deaf? -Inclusive Education Program".
On August 6, Chugai exhibited a workshop for children at "Nihonbashi Kids Summer Camp" organized by Mitsui Fudosan Co. At this event, companies and historic stores in Nihonbashi offered a variety of workshops with the aim of creating a sustainable community, and we conducted a program where children could learn sign language while deepening their understanding of the hearing impaired. 29 children participated in the program.

The day's program, led by Mr. Ichiro Hashimoto, a sign language interpreter, provided elementary school students with a fun and natural way to learn about hearing disabilities. The program began with an exercise in communicating with others using facial expressions and the whole body, followed by a quiz to understand the situation and feelings of those who cannot hear, and by the end of the program, the students were able to communicate simple sentences in sign language.

Our employee Mr.Shitara, who is active as a DeafAthlete, and two guest Deaflympics medalists enlivened the event, and five students from Meiji University, who were supporters, and the children worked together to learn not only the sign language forms, but also the importance of expressing words with their bodies and facial expressions. The children said, "It was a lot of fun. Now that I have learned sign language, I want to use it," they said happily.

Chugai will continue to support the creation of learning opportunities for children, who are the future leaders of our society, with the aim of realizing a symbiotic society in which everyone can play an active role.

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