Nov 09, 2023

Chugai Sponsors "Kayaking Class for Parents and Children

Social Contribution Inclusive Society Para-Sports

Chugai sponsored the "Kayaking Class for Parents and Children" held by ZEN, a general incorporated association, for two days from September 2 to 3 on Lake Saiko in Yamanashi Prefecture. The purpose of the event was to encourage independence of children with disabilities and their families by providing them with opportunities for outdoor activities.

In this extraordinary location on a lake surrounded by mountains, children energetically paddled their kayaks and played in the water with their friends. They also enjoyed parent-child races and paddled long distances together, firmly bonding with their families and friends through kayaking.

Mr. Nojima, the representative director, said, "Some families were surprised to see how much their children have grown, not only in kayaking, but also in cooking at the barbecue in the evening.
He felt that this activity has led to the children's independence and challenges to new things.

Chugai will continue to support children's challenges.

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