Nov 02, 2023

Chugai Sponsors Dance Classes Held by NPO FUYO-DO 2100

Social Contribution Inclusive Society Para-Sports

Chugai sponsored a dance class held by NPO Fuyodo 2100. The organization aims to realize a society in which diverse children and their families can live in peace and security on an equal footing, mainly in the Koriyama area of Fukushima Prefecture.

This was the second time for us to support the organization, following last year. The breakdance class, which was very popular last time, was held at "MU-CAL GAKUTOKAN" in Koriyama City. The children were excited to see professional dancer RASEN perform up close. They practiced hard, moving their arms, legs, and entire bodies, and each danced to the best of their ability when they performed the results of their practice.

Ms. Nakamura, the representative director, said, "Even children who normally would not enter a space with many people were able to participate in the dance class. I feel that dance has a special power.

Chugai will continue to support children's challenges in the future.

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