Apr 26, 2023

CP Adaptive Sports Class Report (Survey Results)

Providing opportunities for children with disabilities to play sports.

Social Contribution Inclusive Society Para-Sports

As a top program partner, Chugai supports the CP Adaptive Sports Class which aims to provide continuous opportunities to enjoy sports regardless of whether or not you have a disability.
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Co-sponsored "CP Adaptive Sports Class", a regular exercise class for wheelchairs

We have conducted a survey of the Class of 2022 participants and are pleased to report the results.

【CP Adaptive Sports Class in 2022】
The number of times: Total 1 times (January to December 2022)
The number of participants: Total 328 participants
Sports events: Wheelchair basketball, Wheelchair rugby, Wheelchair softball, Para Jiu-Jitsu, Dance, Dodgebee

Participants’ Feedback
(Excerpts from March 2023 survey results by CENTERPOLE)
The number of respondents:16

Age group of participants

Number of attendance

Outcomes from class participation(Multiple answers allowed)

Many of the participants continue to attend classes and become familiar with these sports.
The survey results also suggest that the classes help improve the physical fitness and motor skills of a diverse group of children, regardless of disability, and that by following the rules and working together with peers to achieve goals fosters communication and contributes to the improvement of social skills.

Through this approach, Chugai will continue to support children with disabilities to interact with people from various backgrounds, to develop diverse ideas, and to participate in society.

With the aims to provide an environment where everyone can enjoy sports through parasport, and to realize a society in harmony through parasport, CENTERPOLE supports the activities of athletes with disabilities and also provides a variety of programs, such as visiting school classes and lectures.


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