Mar 13, 2023

Special Co-sponsorship of "Let's All Talk About Menstruation

Social Contribution Inclusive Society

Chugai was a special co-sponsor of "Let's Talk About Menstruation" organized by the Gender Equality Center Yokohama North.

Barbie from Foreign Love, who is active as a comedian and commentator, and Shiorine, a midwife and sex education YouTuber with 170,000 channel subscribers, both of whom regularly share information on women's health and bodies, discussed the realization of a society where menstruation and physical changes are accepted as normal.

Students from Kyoko Sato's seminar at Yokohama City University's Faculty of International Liberal Studies also took the stage to discuss the reasons why society has become reluctant to talk about menstruation, what they can do to solve this problem, and the results of their actual actions.

The number of applicants exceeded the limit of 150, and the event was attended by a wide range of people of all ages, including not only adults but also children in the early grades.

We will continue to support the promotion of a symbiotic society in which everyone can play an active role in their own healthy way.

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