Mar 07, 2023

Co-sponsored "CP Adaptive Sports Class", a regular exercise class for wheelchairs

Social Contribution Inclusive Society Para-Sports

Following 2021, Chugai continued to support the class for wheelchair sports “CP Adaptive Sports Class” conducted by CENTEREPOLE as Top Program Partner in 2022.

This class was established to provide continuous opportunities to enjoy sports regardless of whether or not you have a disability.
In the class, you can enjoy  focus on wheelchair basketball and offer wheelchair sports throughout the year all year round programs that you can enjoy.
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This class was held 31 times in total, and a total of 328 people participated in 2022.

Through this approach, we support that children with disabilities have relationships with various people, fostering diverse ideas, and a step toward social participation.

we support the activities of athletes with disabilities and held school visits and lectures to work towards "Providing an environment where everyone can enjoy sports through Parasport and realizing a society in harmony through Parasport".

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