Nov 30, 2022

Sponsoring the "Kayaking Class for Parents and Children

Social Contribution Inclusive Society

Chugai continued its sponsorship of the "Kayaking Class for Parents and Children" conducted by ZEN, a general incorporated association, this year as well as in 2021. The purpose of this event is to encourage children with disabilities and their families to become independent by providing them with opportunities for outdoor activities.

Despite concerns about the weather and low water temperature until the day before, we had a great time under clear skies on the day of the event. In the extraordinary setting of the lake surrounded by mountains, the children paddled their kayaks energetically, getting soaked and splashing water with their friends.

Mr. Nojima, ZEN Representative Director, said, "Last year, when the children tried kayaking for the first time, they were afraid of the water, but this year, they surprised me by getting into the water on their own.
Also, a family with a parent with a disability participated in this year's event, and since they don't usually allow their children to play in the water, they were very excited to see their child get soaking wet and play in the water. I was impressed by the smiling faces of the parents as their children got wet and played in the water.

Chugai will continue to support children's challenges in the future.

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