Nov 21, 2022

Sponsoring Experiment Classes for Girls "Challenge! Dissection of a Squid"

Social Contribution Next Generation Development

Chugai is supporting experiment classes organized by the Yokohama Association for the Promotion of Gender Equality for girls with the hopes of "encouraging girls to enjoy learning science through experiments" and "getting more girls interested in science. The "Challenge! Dissection of a Squid" was held twice, on July 26 (Forum Minami-Ota) and August 20 (Forum Yokohama), with a total of 26 participants, ranging from 4th to 6th grade elementary school students.

While dissecting a squid with scissors, which was handed out one by one, children learned about the body mechanisms of squid, such as where the mouth is located and what the heart and stomach are like, and were surprised at the differences from human mechanisms and deepened their interest. Participants commented, "Squid have a completely different body structure from humans, which was mysterious and interesting," "I feel like I like science more now," and "It was so much fun, I want to do the experiment again with a different creature.

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