Jan 21, 2022

Implementation of fund-raising activities to support refugees

Social Contribution Social Welfare

UNHCR is working hard to ensure that refugees are included in the vaccination coverage.

In October 2021, we conducted a web fundraising activity to support the activities of Japan for UNHCR, an international organization and the official contact point of UNHCR. From the perspective of social contribution activities, the Chugai Group has been conducting fund-raising activities to support refugees throughout the Chugai Group since 2018 with the intention of reaching out to those who need the most support globally.

In 2021, 828,000 yen was donated to Japan for UNHCR by employing “Matching Gift Method”, where the company donated the same amount as the donation collected from employees of entire the Chugai Group.
In the same year, we also conducted fund-raising activities at the employee cafeterias of the Fujieda and Ukima offices, and collected a total of 78,399 yen.
These donations will be used to help refugees who are in a more difficult situation due to the effects of the novel coronavirus.

Afghan refugee Abdul and his family are biometrically registered for their smartcards in Pakistan.

UNHCR delivers core relief items to internally displaced people in Myanmar due to the riots.

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