Jan 18, 2022

Contribution to Global Environmental Protection -- supporting the workshop for tea box arrangement --

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We supported the workshop for tea box arrangement, "sustainable storage box created by rich forests and craftsmanship", held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda on November 20, 2021.
This event was held for the purpose of deepening one’s interest in environmental protection, coexistence with nature, and tradition through the experience of making his/her own tea box using tea boxes made using timber from forest thinning.
This event class was held with the cooperation and guidance of "Maeda Kobo", who located in Kawane Honcho Shizuoka Prefecture where we have been conducting forest protection volunteer activities, and "Interior Tea Box Club" and "3331 Arts Chiyoda", who strive to popularize tea boxes.

The workshop proceeded in two steps: pasting the selected Japanese paper on the original tea box before arrangement and adding patterns to it after pasting Japanese paper with a stencil.
Everyone who participated had a hard time to choose Japanese paper and patterns, and was struggling with the actual work process. However, it was very impressive that his/her expression of looking at the completed original tea box seemed to be very satisfying.

In order to sustain irreplaceable nature, Chugai will continue to promote environmental protection activities so that people, including the participants, can enjoy and understand nature, leading to future of changes in consciousness and behavior toward the protection of the natural environment.

* The tea box used this time was not only made using timber from forest thinning, but also environmentally friendly, including the use of eco-friendly funori glue and material of solder when attaching galvanized iron.
* This event was held with due consideration for infection control measures.

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