Dec 28, 2021

Co-Sponsor of an Online Health Event for High School Girls

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Chugai co-sponsored a health event “Make something cute and healthy! –Love yourself with delightful meals–,” held on Saturday, October 23rd. This event was held online, and was a collaborative project by Girls Life Labo based in Fukushima, and the Tanaka Laboratory, Kanto Gakuin University Faculty of Nutrition.

The event featured programs such as a talk show for high school girls in Fukushima on “dieting and meals” as well as a seminar given by university students in an online format.
Miki Fujimoto, a former member of the Morning Musume (vocal and dance group), appeared on the talk show and talked about how she viewed beauty and health when she was a pop star, and looking back, what she wants to tell high school girls.
In addition, the seminar given by university students under the theme of “Love yourself with delightful meals” explained the possible damaging health effects of excessive dieting and nutrients that tend to be lacking in meals. It gave advice on the ideal diet for high school girls and how to effectively incorporate it into their meals.

Chugai Pharmaceutical will continue to engage in activities that raise awareness of women’s health.

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