Dec 28, 2021

Co-sponsored "Kayak Class to be Enjoyed by Parents and Children"

Social Contribution Inclusive Society

The purpose of this event was to provide children with disabilities and their families with opportunities for outdoor activities that are difficult for them, and to promote the independence of these children. The event was held a total of three times from July to September 2021.
Due in part to heightened interest in canoeing, many people, 41 participants including family members, participated.
On the day of the event, because many of the participants were first-timers, lectures were given in accordance with individual levels, from practicing correct paddling form to paddling long distances and practicing maneuvering around obstacles.

ZEN Association Representative Director Nojima expressed his hopes for the event, “Even if we believe that nature experiences are crucial for a child’s growth, there are various difficulties associated with taking children with disabilities on outings alone.
 We will continue to offer these activities in the hopes that we can support families in taking a new step forward.
I hope that the children will use these experiences playing in the great outdoors and trying sports to actively and confidently taken on challenges at home, school, and in society at large.”

Chugai will continue to support children in developing relationships with various kinds of people, leading to opportunities for advance into society.

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