Sep 29, 2021

Special-sponsored "ART FUNK BREAKIN", a dance event for disabled people

Social Contribution Inclusive Society

Chugai served as a special sponsor of the “ART FUNK BREAKIN”, a breakdance event for people with disabilities, on June 27.This event was the first breakdance tournament in Japan in which only people with disabilities participated. And held at the venue called “Nagai Sports Center for people with disabilities” in Osaka City, designed exclusively for people with disabilities. As the number of participants was limited in order to take sufficient measures against the infection of the novel coronavirus at the venue, the tournament was also streamed on YouTube.

Fourteen people from children to adults with various disabilities such as Down syndrome and Extremity disorder participated in the tournament. A series of dance matches were held in two categories, "solo match" and "2 vs 2 match”, and battles among them were hot. The breakdance battle, which expresses freely the whole body to the fast-paced music that DJ sent out one after another, caught the hearts of the judges.

Chugai supports para-sports with a goal of achieving an inclusive society in which everyone can make the most of one’s own capability and play an active role.

You can see the video of the day from the link below.


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