Mar 09, 2021

Opportunities for children to learn -Co-sponsoring CP Adaptive Sports Class Special Class-

Social Contribution Inclusive Society

Since June 2020, we have supported the class for wheelchair sports “CP Adaptive Sports Class” conducted by CENTEREPOLE as Top Program Partner.
In the summer and winter of the same year, we also co-sponsored cultural activities as a special project of a wheelchair sports regular exercise class.
These events were planned with the desires to provide the children with opportunities for new learning and experiences, regardless of their disabilities, and to take on various challenges.

【Summer vacation special class】“Science Museum Tour & Squid Dissection Class”
The children experienced many exhibits while their parents and science museum staff assisted them in wheelchairs on a tour of the museum, and in the dissection class, they dissected Japanese flying squids with a lecturer at the science museum. We are grateful that we were able to proceed with the experiment comfortably by devising the flow lines of the experiment venue and the experiment desk.

【Winter vacation special class】Music Workshop“Let’s make our original Rap song !”
At the workshop, we invited "Mr. MATCHEE DEF" who is an active rap teacher as a special lecturer and created music from songwriting and composition to recording. In addition to the three classes, the children worked on the tasks at home, and all the children worked together to complete one work. We think they could feel the joy of self-expression through music.

You can see the video of the produced music by children from the link below.

Chugai will continue to support children's challenges.

*This event was held with sufficient measures to prevent COVID-19 infection at the venue.

They support activities of athletes with disabilities and hold school visits and lectures with the mission of “Promotion and deepening the understanding of disabilities through adaptive sports”

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