Dec 20, 2020

Contribution to Global Environmental Protection

-supporting the craft workshop for parents and children-

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As part of corporate goal of contribution to global environmental protection, stated in the Chugai Group Code of Conduct (CCC), the Chugai Group is actively promoting efforts to minimize our impact on the global environment. 

As one of those efforts, we supported the craft workshop titled "Let's touch the trees and hear the voice of the forest! Ornaments and bird calls derived from thinning" for parents and children on December 20, 2020 held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda.
The purpose of this event is for parents and children to take an interest in environmental conservation and coexistence with nature through experience of touching timber from forest thinning. At this event, the timber from forest thinning in Kawanehon-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture, where we are conducting forest conservation volunteer activities, was used.

Contribution to Global Environmental Protection - Efforts to protect water resources through forest maintenance at our production site – (Conducted in November 2019)

The first half of the workshop invited a lecturer from the Eco Future Fund (Specified Nonprofit Corporation) to talk about the connection with the sun, forest and water, and the need for thinning, so that children learned about the impact of environmental destruction on daily life. In the second half, children learned the basics and tips of tools and woodcraft with instructors of 3331 Arts Chiyoda and created wooden ornaments, such as decorations on the window or Christmas tree, and birdcall that sounds like the chirping of birds.
The appearances of the children who created their own shapes while enjoying the feel of wood was impressive.

Chugai will continue to promote environmental conservation activities for both children and adults can learn and understand nature while enjoying “Nature” in order to sustain our irreplaceable natural environment.

You can see the video of the day from the link below.(3331 Arts Chiyoda YouTube Channel)

*This event was held with sufficient measures to prevent COVID-19 infection at the venue.
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