Jan 27, 2021

“Implementation of fund-raising activities to support refugees”

Social Contribution Social Welfare

Held a briefing session on preventive measures against COVID-19 at a refugee camp in Kenya

In November 2020, we raised funds to support the activities of Japan for UNHCR, the official contact point for UNHCR, an international organization. As part of its social contribution activities, the Chugai Group has been conducting fund-raising activities to support refugees throughout the Chugai Group since 2018 with the intention of reaching out to those who need the most support globally.
In 2020, we conducted a web donation from the perspective of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The entire group collected 673,000 yen, the company donated the same amount of the raised money as "a matching gift", and the total amount of donation becomes 1,346,000 yen that donated to Japan for UNHCR. This donation will be used to help refugees who are in more severe conditions due to the novel coronavirus.

UNHCR staff responding to Rohingya refugee families escaped from Myanmar

Venezuelan refugees living in Brazil moved to safe places and received sanitary supplies, food, etc

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