Dec 23, 2020

2020 Contribution of Para-transit Vehicles to Welfare Services

Social Contribution Social Welfare

Supporting Home Nursing Services

Chugai’s program to donate “specially-equipped para-transit vehicles” began in 1985 as part of activities to commemorate the Company’s 60th anniversary. This year marks the program’s 36th year. Five vehicles were donated, bringing the cumulative total over 35 years to 263 vehicles.

In Japan’s super-aging society, the number of senior citizens and disabled people requiring nursing care has continued to increase. To bring these individuals the peace of mind that comes from leading an independent life in familiar surroundings, a variety of facilities have begun offering day services, day care and other welfare services for those living at home. The specially-equipped para-transit vehicles donated by Chugai are used as a means of transportation between these facilities and the homes of those using the services.

This year, recipients of the vehicles included Shinto Village Council of Social Welfare (Gunma Prefecture), Ikeda Town Council of Social Welfare (Fukui Prefecture), Maizuru City Council of Social Welfare (Kyoto Prefecture), Ozu City Council of Social Welfare (Ehime Prefecture) and Nakama City Council of Social Welfare (Fukuoka Prefecture). A presentation ceremony was held in each location, and the donations were warmly received by recipient facility staff and users.

The welfare vehicle donation program is conducted in cooperation with the Japan National Council of Social Welfare and the Central Community Chest of Japan, and through them, vehicles have been donated to recipients in all of Japan’s 47 prefectures.

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