Sep 24, 2020

Co-sponsored "Kayak Class to be Enjoyed by Parents and Children"

Social Contribution Inclusive Society Para-Sports

We started supporting the "Kayak Class to be Enjoyed by Parents and Children" by ZEN Association.This event aims to provide children with disabilities and their families with opportunities for outdoor activities that considered to be difficult for them and encourage children’s independences, and it is scheduled to be held eight times in all.

While the day that was the first time, the location was changed in consideration of rising water level in bad weather, they were able to have fun and fulfilling time with their families with safety first.

Mr. Nojima, CEO of ZEN, expects and says as follows. "I want children to know their limits in merciless nature and to take on the challenge of overcoming the limits step by step."

Chugai will continue to support children's challenges.

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