Mar 13, 2020

Workshop on Multidisciplinary Team Care in Cambodia

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The Cambodian economy has been growing fast in recent years particularly in urban areas. However, turning to the subject of health and hygiene, equal access to quality medical care still remains a challenge for reasons including the lack of healthcare professionals, knowledge on healthcare and hygiene, and organized insurance systems. One of the issues that should be addressed is how to enhance cooperation between physicians, nurses and other various healthcare professionals to deliver high quality medical care given limited human resource and facilities available in medical settings.

In order to promote multidisciplinary team care in Cambodia, Chugai held a workshop for local healthcare professionals as an approach to address this issue from February 22 to 23, 2020. The two-day workshop, a collaboration with the non-profit organization International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart* (hereinafter, Japan Heart), was held at Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center, a medical facility operated by Japan Heart in Cambodia. Twenty-one healthcare professionals including Japanese staff participated. People working at the medical center felt that they were too busy with daily routines and unable to communicate with each other enough, resulting in loss of a sense of being a team. The objective of the program was to improve medical care quality by learning problem-solving skills related to communication. Khmer members were trained on the first day and Japanese members followed on the second day. As the training on the first day was conducted in Khmer with the help of interpreters, participants were able share their everyday feelings and thoughts in their native language.

Khmer members attending the workshop

Japanese members attending the workshop

The workshop leverages Chugai's accumulated know-how in promoting multidisciplinary team care for better medical treatment in Cambodia. In other words, it embodies the philosophy of our global health activities. Participants said that the workshop was very helpful because it provided specific know-hows to deepen communication among various professionals at the busy medical site including physicians, nurses and midwives. Countries and regions face different challenges in medical front. We will continue working on sustainable improvement of healthcare by leveraging our own strength prioritizing the local needs.


Feedback from participants

Dr. Maiko Kojiro, board member/medical doctor/hospital project director, Japan Heart
At first, it was uncertain if our staff members, particularly Cambodian members, would actively participate in the training. In fact, all participants became fully aware of the issue, and their proactive attitudes toward the training somewhat surprised us, providing an opportunity to see them in a new light. We will take advantage of the learning from the training by putting the skills acquired into practice so that our members can communicate in a smooth and effective manner, to bring benefits to patients.

Ms. Sainy Mariyam, nurse, Japan Heart Children's Medical Center
I sometimes experience difficulty in communication with co-workers due to differences in language and positions. I participated in the workshop to improve communication skills, which are of utmost importance for medical professionals who have patients’ lives in hands. I learned how to communicate and build a relationship in the workshop. Above all, we were able to better understand each other as colleagues. I think I can utilize the skills learned not only at workplace, but also in everyday personal relationships.

*International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart

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