Jul 28, 2019

Participating in “We wash Nihonbashi Bridge”

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Sunday, July 28, the employees in Tokyo area joined the event “We wash Nihonbashi Bridge.”

This was general cleaning for the purpose of environmental beautification of famous bridge “Nihonbashi.” It is that local residents, neighborhood associations, shops and companies participate to plan environmental beautification of an Important Cultural Property, the Nihonbashi and wash bridge with the whole town. The Chugai Group has participated this event every year since 2007.
When “We wash Nihonbashi Bridge” was started, the sprinkler trucks, firemen at Nihonbashi Fire Station, members of a local volunteer fire company sprayed water toward the surface of the road. Then the participants washed the bridge and road together.

Feedback from participants included, “Although we could not normally see the Road origin Marker of Japan, on that day alone, we were allowed to see it closely. And it made us get excited.” “I would make this one tile shiny I enjoyed washing the bridge, feeling like a child again.”

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