Jul 26, 2019

Chugai provided support for Lab Class for Girls “Let’s look at the microscope”

Social Contribution

On Friday, July 26, Chugai sponsored a lab class for Girls which has been held since 2011, held by the Yokohama Association for Promotion of Gender Equality. The class welcomed girls in the fourth through sixth grades, who were selected from the public.

The theme of this lab class is “Let’s look at the microscope, what is in the River water?” They observed the area around the Kashio River near the venue, looked the water extracted from the river through a microscope.

Participants observed, with great interest, small phytoplankton and animal plankton which we cannot normally notice.

Lab classes value the opportunity to see, touch and observe things with their own eyes in the hopes of teaching them how fun science can be.

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