Jul 24, 2018

2018 Private Sector Training for Teachers Held

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Teaching Educators About the Activities of a Pharmaceutical Company

Over three days between July 24-27, Chugai welcomed 16 teachers from elementary, junior high and special-needs schools under the Boards of Education of Tokyo’s Shinagawa and Nakano wards to participate in its Private Sector Training for Teachers. As part of efforts to encourage mutual understanding between the worlds of business and education, the program is sponsored by the Keizai Koho Center. The goal is to further schoolteachers’ understanding of corporate activities and to have them utilize that knowledge and experience in their own classes and school operations by taking part in training at private sector companies. Chugai has accepted teachers for this training since 2004.
Feedback from the participating teachers included comments such as, “I understand now the many years and a great number of people involved in creating a new drug,” and “I was impressed by the fact that everyone takes on their respective challenges with the interests of the patients at heart.”

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