Jul 07, 2018

Chugai Sponsors Hands-on Blind Sports Event 2018


On Saturday, July 7, a hands-on blind sports event was held at the Yokohama City Special Support School for the Visually Impaired.

A total of 50 people participated, including employees of the Chugai Group and their family members, and the school’s teachers and students. They were offered hands-on experience with goalball--an official sport of the Paralympics--as well as sound table tennis and sitting volleyball.
This year, an expert instructor gave a lecture on communicating with the visually impaired. In addition to the class, participants got to experience the sports from the point of view of both player and supporter, trying on goggles that simulate limited vision and walking through the school in teams with their eyes closed.

Feedback from participants included, “The simulated experience during the communication class gave me a sense of what it’s like for the visually impaired,” “It was great to experience these sports along with the students,” and “I hope to make use of what I learned and felt through experience in my day-to-day life.”

Chugai supports para-sports with the goal of achieving an inclusive society.

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