Jun 16, 2018

Exhibiting at the Nihonbashi Kid’s Town! 2018 “Experience Real Jobs” Event

Social Contribution

Teaching Children the Fun of Science through Experiments

On June 16 and 17, the Nihonbashi Kid’s Town! “Experience Real Jobs” work experience event was held in the Nihonbashi neighborhood, sponsored by the Nihonbashi Kid’s Town! Executive Committee for about 600 elementary school students.

Supporting the event again this year, Chugai participated with a booth called the “Chugai Kid’s Biotech-Lab.” With the support of Life & Bio Plaza 21, an NPO, and employee volunteers from the Chugai Group, experiments were conducted to extract DNA from items such as chicken, strawberries, mustard spinach and bananas.
The experiments were conducted six times over the two days of the event, with 35 participants successfully extracting DNA.

Comments from the children after the sessions included, “It was fun to use pipetters and other tools we can’t normally use,” and “I was happy when I was able to extract some DNA.”

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