Job description Research, clinical trials for development, MR, etc. (not fixed yet)
Entrance requirement - Students who will graduate from a four-year university course or complete a graduate school in March 2016
(including students specializing in veterinary medicine, pharmacy, etc., who will graduate from a six-year university course)
- Persons who graduated from the schools described above in the last three years (i.e., between March 2013 and March 2015)
* Applications from such persons who have already engaged in some kind of work are not received.
Documents required for application (1) Personal history
(2) Transcript
* The kinds of required documents vary according to the type of job.


Starting salary (as of April 2013) Person who has finished a graduate school’s doctor course: 291,600 yen per month
Person who has finished a graduate school’s master course: 257,600 yen per month
Person who has graduated from a university: 230,000 yen per month
Pay rise, bonus Pay rise: once per year
Bonus: twice per year
Allowances House allowance, sales allowance, discretionary work allowance, commuting allowance (to cover all commuting expenses), and others
Hours 8:45-17:30
* Flexible hours, a discretionary work system, or a de facto working hours system applies to some types of jobs.
Holidays, leaves Complete five-day workweek system (with Saturday and Sunday off), public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, flexible holidays (four days per year), annual paid holidays (up to 23 days, 18 days for first-year employees), special leave for weddings and funerals, Golden Week holidays, maternity leave, step-up leave, volunteer leave, and others
Welfare Systems: housing loan, general loan, “nest-egg” saving, employee stock ownership, and Well Net Club (a benefit association)
Facilities: dormitory for singles, company-owned houses, tennis court, and ground (for all establishments in Japan)
Insurances: contracts for the use of resort facilities in various parts of Japan,
health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance, and nursing insurance
Education and training - Program to cover all employees
- Special programs for various divisions
- Self-development programs (SIP)

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